“If it all comes crashing down and fails miserably, as painful as that may be I can live with that. What I can’t live with is the regret of not giving it a go.”

Tom Charrier 

A few weeks ago we put an idea to Mike Stenhouse of Inside Property Investing – a podcast journal as I prepare to leave full time employment for FAT Properties full time.

It would be in real time – recorded and released as a series as I go through the preparation, resignation, then life full time with Philippa in our business.

He took us up on the idea.

What we hadn’t bargained for was that the first episode was recorded the day before Tom resigned! Full nerves on show!

Listen to the podcast here.

We cover:

  • The most important thing to get straight – your WHY;
  • Making the leap or living with regret;
  • How we’ve prepared;
  • Who’s advice we sought (and whose we didn’t); and
  • Our plans for the future

Stay tuned for the follow up episodes.