We founded FAT Properties to create aspirational student homes. We focus on three core principles:

Our belief and – observation – is that focusing on these fundamental principles we can provide the essential foundation for students to achieve success. This approach also creates a strong business and excellent financial returns for our investors.

BECOME AN INVESTOR  (not a landlord)

Property is one of the worlds most popular investments for good reason. It can provide a secure investment delivering significantly better returns than the bank.

We partner with like minded people who are keen to benefit from high quality property investment, but do not have the time or inclination to manage its demands and responsibilities.


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Coming from architecture and design backgrounds, we understand the importance of our physical environment to our wellbeing.  Now we put those years of design experience into converting unloved properties into exciting and inspiring homes.

We are accredited by Lancaster University Homes, Lancaster City Council and are members of the National Landlord Association with over 15 years property management experience.

Here is a selection of before and after photos from our recent projects:


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