How do I arrange a viewing?

Simply make contact and tell us which FAT house you’d like to see, and we can arrange a mutually convenient time to view the property.

Can’t make office hours?

 No problem, we can show you in the evenings and weekends too. 

We love this FAT House, how do we make it ours?

When you’ve found the house you love, simply let us know.

To secure it, you will need to fill out an application form, sign the tenancy agreement, and pay a small deposit.

In order to pay rent in three instalments, you will need to provide evidence of a guarantor based in the UK. Guarantors are usually family members or friends. 

If you are unable to provide a guarantor your rent payment will need to be paid in full, before your tenancy start date.

The deposit is not refundable if you change your mind, but assuming you don’t, it will be deducted from the security deposit you need to pay when you move in. 

One of our group has dropped out...what do we do?

It happens. If one of your group needs to drop out for any reason, let us know as soon as possible. You will need to find a replacement but we can assist you with this if you would like.

Want to see more than one property?

No problem, we can arrange multiple viewings and you can choose your favourite.

The details: Rent, Bills, Contracts, Deposits

When is rent payable?

Rent is payable before you move in unless you have a guarantor and then you can pay in three equal instalments at the beginning of each term. If you need to wait for your student loan before paying your rent, thats OK, we can agree specific payment dates before we you sign the tenancy agreement.

Are bills included in the rent?

Yes. You pay your rent, and you don’t need to worry about any other payments or expenses.

All FAT houses come will the following bills included:

• Electricity
• Gas
• Water rates
• Broadband
• NetFlix
• Contents Insurance
• TV license

There’s no council tax to pay as students don’t pay council tax. So as long as you are a student you don’t pay.

It works like this: a small portion of your rent payment is classified as the ‘utilities payment’, which should be enough to cover all bills. At the end of the year we calculate how much you actually spent, and if it was less than the utilities payments, we refund you the difference, or in the unlikely event that you used more, you will owe us the outstanding amount.

We do this so together we can help save the environment (and save you money!).

All our houses are fitted with SMART meters so you can keep an eye on how much energy you are using (if you really want!).

Do I need to pay a security deposit?

Yes, you pay it before you move in, and the amount is set out within the tenancy agreement. It is simply to protect ourselves from any unreasonable damage etc.

Your deposit is held within a ‘deposit protection scheme’ (DPS). This is an independent body who holds and protects your deposit, and will arbitrate in the unlikely event of any problems.

Any reputable landlord should hold deposits within a DPS (it’s the law).

I want to see the tenancy agreement first / my parents want to check it over

Good. Like any contract it is legally binding and you shouldn’t sign it until you have read it thoroughly and made sure you understand it. Simply make contact and we’ll send you a blank example. If you have any questions about any of the clauses, just ask and we’ll explain what it means and why its in there.

How many weeks is the contract?

Usually the contract is for 48 weeks but we can be flexible to suit your needs.



If your unsure of anything in our FAQ’s or have any questions, please get in touch!

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Living in a FAT house

What is provided in the house?

All of our houses are fully furnished so you only need to bring your personal belongings. We can provide bedding and towels if you wish. Each kitchen has a washing machine and a washer / dryer as standard.

Our properties also include a termly communal clean and contents insurance. Our properties also include Netflix Streaming Service.

What’s provided in my room?

All furniture is provided so you will have a bedside table, a full size double of king sized bed, wardrobe, desk, chair, desk light, bedside light, chest of drawers. We provide a mattress protector and fitted sheet in all our bedrooms.


You will be responsible for cleaning your room. If you’re not a fan of doing the cleaning yourself, we offer a range of room cleaning services. You can choose from weekly, monthly, ad hoc and end-of-tenancy cleaning.

When can I move in?

We will meet you at the house at the start of your tenancy.

Don’t worry if you are not able to move in on that day, you can still pick up your keys outside of this. Please just contact us to let us know when to expect you and to ensure moving in is a hassle-free experience for you.

I need help with something what do I do?

If you need help with anything at all simply make contact and let us know, that’s what we are here for!

Theres a problem with my FAT house something is damaged/ broken /faulty

Its pretty unlikely, but if something goes wrong, please let us know as soon as possible. We have a team of maintenance staff to respond quickly, day or night.

We want to keep all our FAT Houses in excellent condition, and all our tenants happy.