“We shape our buildings, and afterwards they shape us.” – Winston Churchill

Our vision

At FAT Properties, we believe in the power of design to impact the world for the better. We are on a mission to improve lives through developing and designing better buildings that support and positively impact people, place, and planet.

Designing for wellbeing has always been at the heart of our business strategy and FAT philosophy, from investment, to design, to customer service. As we continue to grow and diversify our portfolio, we want to take this further, considering how we can design buildings that support and regenerate communities and cities, and how we can minimise environmental impact.

We want to do things differently. Design better. Develop sustainably. Buildings are the setting to our lives – on average we spend 90% of our lives inside. They have a huge impact on how we think, how we feel and how we act. 

So, by creating better buildings – by upgrading the settings of our lives, we can holistically improve everyone’s wellbeing. 

Our goals: People, Place and Planet.

It’s all well and good saying we’re going to design for people, places and the planet but what does that mean? And specifically, how will we measure our success? 


We take wellbeing seriously. Working with psychologists and Universities we are developing a method to empirically measure the impact of homes upon wellbeing. Our goal is to have a positive impact upon the wellbeing of every person who stays or lives in one of our properties.

We design all our properties to enhance wellbeing through our six guiding design principles that are built from a deep understanding of holistic wellbeing – mental, physical, emotional, social and financial. Designing for wellbeing creates a framework for a space that is set up for higher productivity, health and success throughout life. 

Designing for wellbeing remains a paramount part of our strategy and design philosophy. 

Goal: To have 100% of FAT Properties customers experience better wellbeing whilst living or staying in one of our homes.   

We want our development projects to enhance not just people, but to regenerate the communities and cities they are part of as well. We come from a background of urban regeneration and redevelopment, so we are passionate about creating a wider positive impact outside the four walls. 

Central to our ethos is turning unloved buildings into valuable parts of the streetscape. In doing so we can bring back vitality and life to residential communities and city centres.

By making sure we buy local and use local contractors and suppliers, we can keep 90p of every £1 spent on our building projects in the UK, and much of that in the local economy.

Our construction spending creates jobs in the local economy, and customers who live and stay in our properties make an important contribution to the local economy.

Goal: 2025 to have created over 250 jobs and £3m local economic benefit from FAT residents and visitors. 

Alongside our architects and contractors, we are constantly refining how we design, build and manage properties in order to minimise our environmental impact. 

By designing a redevelopment project more thoughtfully from the outset we can increase our sustainability. This includes reusing materials that may otherwise go to waste, (for example old timbers in a building which is being redeveloped), minimising waste in new materials (by working with standard unit sizes to avoid wastage of offcuts), and make sure that we’re at the forefront of best practice when it comes to energy. 

Our energy comes from renewable sources, and we calculate the energy usage of our customers living in our properties and partner with World Land Trust to offset the carbon footprint of life in the home.

Net-zero living  – where the carbon usage is minimised and the overall carbon footprint is offset – is our goal, but equally designing homes that connect people to nature is just as important. When people have more connections to nature, they are more likely to adopt a greater level of sustainable behaviour. We want to design our homes so it’s easy and second nature to be green.

Goal: We have a target for all FAT homes to have offer net-zero living by 2025. 


Philippa and Tom Charrier are founders of FAT Properties. FAT Properties was created to make a positive impact on the world through property development. FAT Properties create exemplary homes and spaces designed for wellbeing.

Philippa and Tom have a 20 years of  combined experience in the built environment, working on high profile urban regeneration projects.  They understand the impact that the built environment has on people’s behaviour, mood and mental wellbeing.

FAT Properties is pioneering wellbeing led design in property development and transforming the student property market. Philippa and Tom authored the Amazon #1 bestseller ‘Designed for Wellbeing https://amzn.to/3nrzW0v. They are hosts of their brand new podcast Designed for Wellbeing https://wavve.link/DesignedForWellbeingPodcast

They work with investors to build long term wealth whilst delivering a positive social impact.