We’ve recently been working with branding consultants to help us develop and grow our business. 

As part of that we had to dig deep into what’s important to us so we can tell our story. 

What we’ve developed is a set of core values that are authentically ours.

Clarifying our values – the fundamental beliefs which are the driving force of our business – has been transformational. 

Here’s 4 things we’ve learnt:

1 – They make decision making sooo much easier.

We know what to say yes to, and what to say no to- by asking if the decision is in line with our values or not. 

They create a decision making framework for us. 

For example, we’re not prioritising cost savings in one area whilst investing to create a premium product in another area, and ending up with conflicting results. 

We know what our priorities are. 

Our values align all aspects of the business to one path.

2 – They allow us clarity of thought. 

As we now have our decision making framework, we have clear head space to tackle problems without distraction. 

We don’t have to spend time thinking about what the best decision may be any more, we can focus entirely on the issue at hand. 

This clarity gives us the confidence to act decisively.

3 – They attract (the right) people…

We want to work with people who share similar values. Life is too short to do otherwise. 

Since articulating them and making them known, we’re getting approached by great people who want to work with us. 

Our values resonate with them, and vice versa.

…and 4 – they repel (the wrong) people. 

Conversely they’re a great early filter. 

In the same way that people we want to work with are attracted by our values, people we inevitably don’t want to work with are put off by them. 

This is a real benefit, after all there’s no point wasting time on partnerships that wont last.

If you’ve been through a similar process I’d love to hear what you got out of it (and if you haven’t I’d highly recommend it!)